Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planet Surface

Couple of days ago I was looking for some references.
I have opened some satellite images from NASA and ESA, and briefly commented that this could be easily created in Photoshop and friend of mine expressed some doubts.
So, I took the challenge and that evening in approximately half an hour created this image.
No photos were used.
What would be possible if you actually spend whole day on it? ;)


Grigory Lozinsky said...

I am perfect with you agree!

PEPE said...

brilliant!!! was that our conversation?

Zeljko said...

Thanks Grigory for your comment, I have no doubts any more:)

Hey Robin,
I remember we did talk about this earlier this year, but it was actually Garth that intrigued me to do this sketch week or two ago.
We looked at Google Earth, among other satellite images, or more precisely Mars and what I stumbled upon in some area south west of famous Cydonia region were some puzzling mountains that have some dark streaks looking like a dark brush strokes without finishing touches.
Seems like somebody forgot to remove or flatten this layer correctly;)
Also it is not looking like bad cropping or alignment issue, more like something totally misplaced and unnatural.