Saturday, April 23, 2011

ModNation Racers - Concept art

Almost year ago Sony Computer Entertainment published United Front Games title ModNation Racers.
Even if you are not into racing games you should check it out because there is lot more to it.
I did tons of concepts in more than two years working on this game.
Here is some:)

When you are in Track Studio you can see these pieces I did to populate this front end area.
Lots of fun painting in this style:)

All images Copyright by Sony Computer Entertainment/United Front Games


Werner Marcus said...
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Werner Marcus said...

Nice, Zeljko!

Zeljko said...

Hey Werner!
Thanks for visiting:)

Patrick Leyendecker said...

very cool that you share some of your sketchs with us, it must be so cool to work in this concept part. hope you share more like this.

Zeljko said...

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your comments.
I will be posting more of ModNation Racers concepts soon.
And yes it is always lots of fun to work on new IP developing new style for the project.